Our Story

Free and Open Source software, like Linux, has become a main component of embedded products: phones, wireless routers, TVs, fridges, intelligent lighting… not to mention industrial automation, health, and space missions. However, building great products is sometimes difficult. Choosing the right software for the task is a challenge, developers face mixed hardware-software issues, undocumented APIs, licensing questions, and more. Those problems may stall the project, or force it to change a direction, and may impact the delivery date for days, weeks, or even months. Often, just because the expertise is missing.

Marta Rybczynska created Syslinbit from the belief that all companies, big and small, should be able to successfully use Free and Open Source software as a basis of their work, and be able to find the expertise to make it happen. Marta brought 20 years involvement with FOSS projects, professional experience in embedded software (based on Linux and RTOSes), public speaking and technical writing.

To help using FLOSS up to its potential, Syslinbit helps in development, offers project coaching so that they can find their way, and trains developers in using the tools up to their potential.